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June 9, 1939 letter of congratulations from widow of KB AZIMKHAN to Mrs G.F.S.COLLINS, (wife of Revenue Commissior)

Reply of thanks from Mrs G.F.S. COLLINS (Wife of Revenue Commissioner) to widow of KB AZIM KHAN, JAMZADI

page 1 of letter dated 23.4.1931

Letter to Azim Khan 23.4.1931

The medal of KHAN BAHADUR, awarded to AZIM KHAN on January 1, 1923

SANAD of Medal of KHAN BAHADUR awarded to AZIM KHAN on January 1, 1923 in Delhi. Although the scan copy does not show the signature of the authority who signed it but in orginal copy (which I have) It is very much visible that it is signed by LORD READING or RUFUS DANIEL RUFUS ISAACS, 1st MARQUESS OF READING, who was viceroy of India from 1921 to 1925 (please visit website "").

The medal of KHAN SAHIB, awarded to AZIM KHAN on January 1, 1921

SANAD of Medal of KHAN SAHIB awarded to AZIM KHAN on January 1, 1921. Although the scan copy does not show the signature of the authority who signed it but in orginal copy (which I have) It is very much visible that it is signed by FREDERIC THESIGER, 1st VISCOUNT CHELMSFORD, who was viceroy of India from 1916 to 1921 (please visit website " ").

Page 1 of letter wriiten by Azim Khan to his son Inayat Ali on Feb 11 1937. Original envelop also visible in the Picture.

Page 2 of letter wriiten by Azim Khan to his son Inayat Ali on Feb 11 1937. Original envelop also visible in the Picture.

Page 1 of Oct 11 1938 letter

This letter was wriiten by AZIM KHAN on Oct 11th 1938 to his son Inayat Ali from Jacobabad.

This is same above letter re-written by me so that you can read and understand it.

page 01 of the letter.

Azim Khan wrote this letter to his son Inayat Ali on 24 Nov, 1938, he has mentioned about his expected arrival to agricultural lands in shahdadpur on 18 Dec 1938, he could not came and instead died on 19 Dec 1938 few hundred Kilometers from Agricultural lands while on duty.

Page 1 of the letter.

This letter was written in 1886, by the religious leader of Azim Khan's father (after the death of Azim Khan's father) to mother of Azim Khan.

The History of "AZIM KHAN"

Azim Khan was born on 1st April, 1882 in Hoosri Sindh. He belonged to the family of Durrani Pathans. His grandfather migrated from Afghanistan to Sindh, where he joined Police services, and it is said that when he was sub-inspector police in Matli Sindh, Abdul Wahid Kazi of Old Hala was Mukhtiarkar of the same area. Both families developed very good relations and Azim Khan's father Inayat Ali Khan got his daughter "SHAHZADI" married to Kazi Abdul Wahid. After this marriage Durrani family also migrated to Old Hala.

In 1886, when Azim Khan was four years old, his father Inayat Ali Khan died and Kazi Abdul Wahid started taking care of Durrani family. Kazi Abdul Wahid also died in December 1898.
In early 1900, Azim Khan passed his matriculation examination and on 1st October, 1900 he joined Revenue Services of India. He was awarded "KHAN SAHIB" medal on 1st Jan 1921 and he was awarded "KHAN BAHADUR" medal on 1st Jan 1923.
His service record is as follows:
From 01.10.1900 to 01.01.1914, he served in Non-Gazetted appointments of Revenue department in Districts:Thar, Parker & Hyderabad.
(1). Promoted S.P.T Mukhtiarkar (5th grade Gztd appt:) 02.01.1914 to 04.05.1914
(2). Mukhtiarkar (5th grade) On probation. Kandiaro. 05.05.1914 to 27.05.1914
(3). Mukhtiarkar (5th grade) Kandiaro. 28.05.1914 to 30.08.1915
(4). Mukhtiarkar (5th grade) Kandiaro. 7.9.1915 to 10.1.1917
(5). Mukhtiarkar (4th grade) Kandhkot. (S.P.T) 10.01.1917 to 28.08.1917
(6). Rsdnt Mgst (add:chrge) Kandhkot 1.7.1917 to 26.8.1917
(7). Mukhtiarkar (4th grade) Shikarpur. (S.P.T) 1.9.1917 to 14.9.1917
(8). Under Training Deputy Collector Poona. 20.9.1917 to 31.3.1918Assistant Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Sindh.

(9). Deputy Collector (6th grade) Hyderabad. 01.04.1918 to 30.11.1919
& Asst: Registrar Co-operative Societies (Sindh).
(10). Deputy Collector(2nd grade) Hyderabad. 1.12.1919 to 27.11.1928
& Asst: Registrar Co-operative Societies (Sindh).
(11). On spcl duty Agri:Propgnda Hyderabad 22.01.1923 to 31.05.1930
(12). Collector & District Magistrate. TharParker 23.08.1934 to 02.11.1934
(13). Manager Encumbered States Hyderabad 22.05.1935 till 1937
For some time, he was also appointed as a member of BOMBAY LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL by the Government. He had the distintion of being the first sindhi muslim not only acquiring the KHAN BAHADUR title but also Collecter He was retired in 1937 on pension.
In 1938, keeping in view his excellent work record and history of services, government appointed him as an official of Village Development Moment. On 19 December 1938, while performing his duties, along with Mr. E.H. HOLT of the same department, in village MIAN SHORA, KHANIARI SHARIF, Taluka Sakrand, he sufered heart attack and died. He was burried besides his august father Inayat Ali Khan in his village OLD HALA.
He was survived by one son, INAYAT ALI KHAN, who also died in 1961. Inayat Ali Khan had no sons or daughters.
Azim Khan was an honest officer, humble public servant, well wisher of country and a great friend. There is a "KHAN BAHADUR AZIM KHAN" cooperative hall in Hyderabad (near Radio Pakistan Hyderabad) and "KHAN BAHADUR AZIM KHAN PARK" in OLD HALA in his loving memory.

A very old picture of Azim Khan, I think its from early 1900, early years of his Job.

Azim Khan, mid 1930's, this photo was taken in a photo studio, namely J.J MEHTA PHOTO ARTIST, Bunder Road, Karachi.

Sindhi Members of Bombay Legislative Council, 1936

A close up K.B. Azim Khan

Khan Bahadur Azim Khan s/o Inayatali Khan, Collector & District Megistrate of Dist: Tharparkar, Mid 1930's.